About Active Youths

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Association of Active Youths of Florina (OENEF) is a Non-Governmental Organization that was founded in 2010 and it is active at local, regional, national and international level. Our main goal is to promote and support Active Youth Participation in society and also to encourage and empower our youth’s contribution on issues of social, cultural and environmental interest. Active Youths of Florina supports dialogue, democracy and citizens’ cooperation. Furthermore Active Youths aims are combating racism and xenophobia, by giving priority to the values emanating from the principles of the European Union. Our working groups consist of young scientists who contribute to the formulation of proposals in relation to European Programmes and with detailed suggestions for issues of immediate economic, business and social interest. Active Youths have built a significant experience in the field of youth and social entrepreneurship, social economy and in addition our organization empowers young people and other vulnerable groups of population.


OENEF encourages awareness and action and organizes cultural activities, open discussions, events, workshops, educational meetings and seminars. Among these events OENEF organizes the European Night without Accidents and the European Mobility Week and aims to promote culture, sport, education, training, youth participation, youth work, voluntarism, social offering, active citizenship, inclusion and better knowledge on EU matters. During a decade of activities (2010-2020), OENEF has hosted more than 40 youth mobility projects, such as youth exchanges, training courses, seminars, volunteering projects, solidarity projects and job shadowing. Around 580 young people from the region of Western Macedonia, in Greece had the opportunity participate in experimental activities and actions of non-formal learning in a multicultural environment abroad, leading them to gain unique experiences and provisions for the future.


Furthermore, since 2018 OENEF is the hosting organization of the Europe Direct of Western Macedonia, informs all citizens with a focus on young people, about the European Union, its policies, and its educational programmes, that take place all over Europe and all the advantages and opportunities that people can gain through these programmes. More specifically the Role of Europe Direct of Western Macedonia is described as following:

● Informs all citizens of the Region of Western Macedonia about the policies of the EU, its institutions and the help that can be offered through community programmes and events.

● Organizes public discussions and workshops aiming at raising awareness and educating all groups of population and especially pupils - students, young entrepreneurs, unemployed people and farmers of the Periphery of Western Macedonia.

● Facilitates the exchange of information and experiences between areas of the EU.

● Gives information to the European Commission about dynamic of the Region of Western Macedonia.

Key Directions and Objectives of EDIC:

●Provides immediate and valid information to all citizens about the European Union, its policies, programmes and events.

● Supplies and distributes printed material leaflets, informative copies and shows us the laws about the European Union, to every citizen for free.

● Disseminates community information and experiences between areas of the EU.

●Organizes events, in cooperation with bodies and entities, about all European policies of the EU that promote employment, education and foster culture too.

● Promotes active participation of rural people in building their European identity and getting to know better the European Idea.